Unsung Heroes Award

Acknowledging the ground handling employee or frontline team who go the extra mile to deliver an outstanding service for customers. From stepping up to solve an emergency situation without a second thought to making a passenger’s day with their expert and engaging customer care. Can you count on one of your teams or employees to rise to any challenge? Tell us about your unsung heroes.

Entry Questions

The judging panel will use the information supplied to assess the quality of entry. It is in your interest to supply as much relevant information as possible in order to assist the judging process.

1. Please summarise for our judges- the single most impressive achievement within this entry and why they should select your nomination as the overall winner? (100W)

2. Please describe the entrant’s current role and responsibilities? (MAX 150W)

3. Please give a specific example(s) where the entrant has exceeded expectations of their role and how this has delivered tangible business benefits. Please provide relevant metrics (KPIs, cost savings, efficiency gains) too (MAX 250W). Testimonials can be provided as part of your supplementary information.

2021 Winner

Magdalena Chojnowska and Piotr Popławski, LS Airport Services

Both Magdalena and Piotr both showed an outstanding level of service and compassion. They saved a passenger’s life after they fell from height on the boarding stairs. Magdalena and Piotr put the passengers life and wellbeing ahead of their own by performing resuscitation during the pandemic.