Sustainability Award

Celebrating the supply chain initiative that has stepped up to the sustainability challenge. Our judges want to see examples of aviation operators who have taken sustainability from a tick box activity to a true business principle. Examples of sustainable initiatives that have seen a complementary benefit in KPIs across the business are welcome and all successful entries will have to show how they engaged in stakeholder collaboration to ensure their environmental ambitions were echoed by key supply chain partners. Help us show aviation is ready for the sustainability challenge ahead…

Entry Questions

The judging panel will use the information supplied to assess the quality of entry. It is in your interest to supply as much relevant information as possible in order to assist the judging process.

1. Please describe why your sustainability initiative and why you launched it? (MAX 400W)?

2. Please describe how you have worked with supply chain partners (airlines, airports, handlers, suppliers) to ensure buy-in to your sustainable initiative or adequate infrastructure is in place to support its adoption? (350w)

3.How has your sustainability initiative helped deliver an improvement in environmental performance? Please provide supporting metrics around KPIs such as reductions in emissions, energy savings or another applicable metric 

4. How has your sustainability initiative helped deliver business improvements in other areas of your operation? Please provide supporting metrics around KPIs such as OTP, OTD, staff attrition, % increase in new business, near-miss reporting, reductions in accidents/ground damage, employee engagement scores and airline customer testimonials.

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