New for 2020: GSE Innovation Award

Advances in GSE technology offer a crucial edge to ground handlers pursuing safe, on-time and high-quality services at every single turnaround. This category celebrates the station/airport and manufacturer who have teamed up to boost performance via an innovative new product launch or improvement to existing equipment. The innovation could have helped boost ramp safety, sustainability or provided an efficiency gain.  Entries could also include GSE pooling, electric GSE replacement or keeping GSE in optimum and safe condition during the Covid-19 pandemic. Judges will be looking for examples of creative GSE developments that have acted as a catalyst for ground handling excellence and KPI improvement.

Entry Questions

The judging panel will use the information supplied to assess the quality of entry. It is in your interest to supply as much relevant information as possible in order to assist the judging process.

1. Please describe your GSE innovation and why you launched this initiative? (400 words max)

2. If you are a ground handler then please describe how you have worked with the equipment manufacturer during research and design phase of the product/innovation to maximise effectiveness?
Conversely - If you are a manufacturer then please describe how you partnered with the station team. (400 words max)

3. How has your GSE innovation helped deliver a direct service improvement? Please provide supporting metrics around KPIs such as reductions in accidents/ground damage, ROI, carbon footprint reduction, OTP improvements, airline customer testimonials. (500 words max)

4. What training support have you introduced alongside the innovation itself to ensure ground handling teams are gaining optimum use out of the product? (300 words max)

5. Please provide our judges with examples of customer feedback on your GSE innovation here and within your supplementary material. (500 words max)

Enter Now! Entries close 9 October 2020