Best Station Award

Celebrating the ground handling station that took a starring role in combatting the coronavirus pandemic or has established a reputation for going above and beyond in its service delivery to carriers. Judges are looking for examples of a station that took proactive steps to protect staff and passengers from the virus throughout and looked to evolve services to assist with the handling of emergency Covid-19 cargo and repatriation flights. Covid-19 related or otherwise, we want to celebrate a true team effort that has seen senior leaders inspire performance improvements across all areas of their station from back of house ramp teams to front of house passenger service agents.

Entry Questions

The judging panel will use the information supplied to assess the quality of entry. It is in your interest to supply as much relevant information as possible in order to assist the judging process.

1. Please describe why you believe the nominated station has delivered above and beyond expectations in the past year in terms of safety, KPI delivery, business growth and customer satisfaction? (400 words max) If your entry is in relation to Covid-19 activity then please describe what part your teams played in combatting the pandemic? 

2. As an airline looking to contract my ground handling requirements – why would I choose you over another rival ground service provider? (250 words max)  If your entry is in relation to Covid-19 activity then please describe how you worked with your government/health officials/airline customers/airport to deliver an effective service?

3. Please describe how you have worked with airlines to establish a more collaborative, value adding partnership rather than one based purely on cost of service. (250 words max)

4. What tangible evidence can you provide to demonstrate your station’s success over the past year? Please provide supporting metrics around KPIs such as % increase in near-miss reporting, reductions in accidents/ground damage, % increase in new business, OTP, OTD, staff attrition, employee engagement scores and airline customer testimonials. (350 words max) If your entry is in relation to Covid-19 activity then please describe how you and your partners measured success and the importance of your work in mitigating the coronavirus pandemic? Testimonials are encouraged….

Shortlist announced 26 October

2019 Winner

Aviapartner, Girona Airport

We’re truly impressed by the depth of partnership the Girona team have forged with their airlines. Their KPIs are not just some of the strongest we’ve seen- it’s what they are measuring that’s equally impressive. The scorecard is uniquely balanced: OTP, baggage delivery, ramp safety, flight-file checks, GSE maintenance. That equilibrium drives quality, safety and customer service in unison