Best Cargo Handling Operation

This all-new award recognises the crucial importance of safe, efficient and pioneering cargo handling services in today’s aviation supply chain. Our judges are looking for ground handlers who provide consummate cargo care to airline customers throughout warehousing, export and import processes. The category seeks handlers who have risen to the challenge of diverse product mix by designing dynamic warehouse services. Whether it’s specialist pet care or cool chain for temperature sensitive cargo: this category celebrates operators who go above and beyond to guarantee premium customer services. SLA success in terms of OTP, door times, flight completion or performance gains from going paperless will also be key.

Entry Questions

The judging panel will use the information supplied to assess the quality of entry. It is in your interest to supply as much relevant information as possible in order to assist the judging process.

1. Please describe the key business challenges facing your cargo handling operation and how you are striving to achieve quality services to customers (400 words max)

2. Please detail any example of how you have delivered innovation in your cargo handling services (warehousing, gatehouse procedures, track and trace technology/going paperless) and the resulting benefits for airline customers? (400 words max)

3. How have you worked to enhance safety standards within your cargo handling operation? Please detail activity from warehouse handling activity to the final loading of pallets/ULDs to the aircraft and include any relevant safety data (250 words max)

4. Please describe added value services you offer around specialist cargo such as live animals/ temperature sensitive products/ dangerous goods (250 words max)

5. What tangible evidence can you provide to demonstrate your operation’s success over the past year? Please provide supporting metrics around KPIs such as OTP, OTD, % increase in new business, staff training activity, safety interventions, flight departure scores, door times, airline customer testimonials (500 words max)

2019 Winner

Gerry’s dnata, Jinnah International Airport, Karachi

The team have risen like a phoenix out of the flames after a heartbreaking terrorist attack. They have built a world-class facility combined it with great teamwork in a fitting riposte to the terrorist attackers who tried to destroy them. In doing so they embody the ‘can do’ spirit of cargo and are worthy winners