New in 2023: Aviation Team Award

Celebrating the finest example of stakeholder collaboration between airport, airlines, ground handler and/or suppliers from around the world.  This category encourages submissions from those who have taken a strategic, team-based approach to improve services for passengers. Have you formed a cross functional partnership with partners from across the supply chain that has made a difference?

Entry Questions

The judging panel will use the information supplied to assess the quality of entry. It is in your interest to supply as much relevant information as possible in order to assist the judging process.

1. Please summarise for our judges- the single most impressive achievement within this entry and why they should select your nomination as the overall winner? (100W)

2. Please describe your initiative? What did you set out to achieve and how did you partner with peers from different supply chain groups to shape design, implementation and effectiveness of your initiative? Pleas ename the stakeholder groups/operators on the team (MAX 400W)?

3. Please describe how your example of stakeholder collaboration directly benefitted passengers in terms of safety, quality, customer service, convenience or digital advances? (MAX 250W)

4. What tangible evidence can you provide to demonstrate the success of your project? Please provide supporting metrics around KPIs such as customer testimonials, reductions in accidents/ground damage, % increase in new business, OTP, OTD etc (300w)