Pride of Ground Handling Awards Winners 2022

Unsung Hero Award

Winner: Ekata Dahal, Star Avaition

It’s a unique situation that no one ever wants to find themselves in and no one knows how they would react in the same situation. It is impossible to train people for this type of incident so that’s why it was amazing to read how Ekata reacted the way she did for the safety of the passengers when this active shooting happened at Canberra. In these extraordinary traumatic circumstances, she showed true leadership in escorting passengers out of the terminal at Canberra Airport. If it was not for her calmness and direction in executing the evacuation of these passengers the result would have been disastrous.

Ramp Safety Award

Winner: Mateusz Kyrcz, Welcome Airport Services

We couldn’t fault this entry; it is a stunning and brilliant example of reporting. Mateusz raised the red flag and when it was dismissed, he remained strong, continued to challenge and went to the regulator. It is an excellent example of challenging bad practice and ensuring high safety culture standards are adhered to.

GSE Innovation Award

Winner: Autonomous Cargo and Baggage Tractors, ThorDrive

Sustainability Award

Winner: Edmonton International Airport Canada

Complete standout entry, a very inspiring & promising project. The development of the YEG sustainability campus to tackle the issues related to sustainability and environmental impact is a huge step forward to tackling one of the industries major challenges. This entry delivered, not just spoke about it and is a standout example of everyone coming together to collaborate.

Best SME Award

Winner: Bangor International Airport - Ready for Diversions 24/7

Bangor International Airport was prepared for any type of diversion and justified their position in a very nice way.

Diversion Handling requires responsive and urgent attention with an ability to be able to handle all areas of operation. Though small in size, Bangor has supported many diversions from smoke in the cockpit to medical emergencies to weather-related events.

During Covid, they handled cargo flights to move critical PPE equipment and most recently with “crew swaps” due to flights having to go around as a result of the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Best Station Award

Winner: Servicios Aeroportuarios Andinos (SAASA), Lima

All round good operation. Focused on its people to achieve the best for the company Focused on customer Accelerated growth rate Certifications for Pharmaceuticals and perishables Growth outside Peru. Well done SAASA for your commitment towards the highest levels of quality!

Awards Night