Pride of Ground Handling Awards Winners 2020

Unsung Hero
Winner: Li Jia Meng, Beijing AviationGround Services (BGS)
Li Jia Meng took the initiative to apply for multiple shifts in the peak of the pandemic to reduce the burden on colleagues, despite having a family herself. The judges noted how difficult it must have been for her to wear a hazmat suit all day, which meant she was unable to drink water or go to the bathroom throughout her shift.
Lia Jia Meng was extremely brave and was caring during a very difficult and stressful time. No one really knew how to protect themselves at the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic and she really stepped up.

Ramp Safety

Winner: Menzies Aviation Risk Team - Smart App

Menzies smart app is a very strong initiative in terms of innovation and enhancements of safety and has a companywide impact on safety.
Menzies are in a place where there SMS is quite mature, but the smart app initiative reinforces positive behaviours, and this is an excellent way to build an enhanced safety culture.

GSE Innovation

Qatar Aviation Services, QAS UV Disinfection in partnership with Honeywell & Qatar Airways

To see this disinfection robot is ground breaking. A step change from an industry that up until the pandemic was seen as sometimes slow to adopt of new tech. This is creative problem solving that can instil confidence to fly again among the general public.

Handler-Airline Innovation

National Aviation Services-

The Kuwaitmosafer app allows passengers to book PCR tests, flight check in slots, buy insurance or meet and assist services before arriving at the airport. Over 100,000 passengers have used this Covid-secure tool and our judges praised the device for “providing a simple way to navigate through the airport, demystify the travel process and bolster confidence to fly during the pandemic.

Best Cargo Handling Operation

Winner: SATS Singapore 

From a technological point of view, SATS pharmaceutical handling product in Singapore is very good and will be very important going forward into 2021.
SATS are leading the way with E commerce.
SATS response to COVID is well documented in the entry including the rapid change from passenger aircraft to cabin loading and demonstrates well the effort and commitment to deliver this.

Best Station

QAS Doha

The judges felt that QAS Doha responded particularly well to Covid-19. They quickly withdrew vulnerable staff and efficiently organised their operations. They constantly showed a duty of care towards their teams and their top priority was always the frontline staff. Our judges were impressed with the way QAS Doha reported their statistics. Their KPIs and numbers supported the fantastic work that they have done. It showed collaboration between all parties. The judges noted that all the entries responded very well to Covid and rose to the occasion, but this was the best.

Awards Night